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Fire Safety Insurance

Secure the assets, but also the smooth operation of your business from unexpected events that can cause damage to its assets and loss of income through specialized insurance programs.

The most common insurance risks for a business are:

   Damage from fire - smoke


   Weather phenomenon

   Damage reduction

   Damage cleaning

   Crystal breakage

   Short circuit in electrical or electronic devices

   Damage to electrical or electronic devices

   Content theft / burglary

   Theft - Money robbery

   Business liability

   Cessation of business operation as a consequence of insured loss

   Earthquake damage

   Legal coverage and protection

Trust our many years of experience in the business insurance industry and get rid of the stress of securing the time and resources you have devoted to setting up and staffing your business. Contact us to choose a program of high quality services, depending on the cost, in order to fully meet your needs.

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