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THE DIANA INSURANCE AGENCY was founded by the family of Panagiotis Bototsidis who operates successfully and has been established in the field of insurance mediation since 1974.
The many years of experience of our specialized executives guarantee the most effective service of our customers and the creation of long-term relationships of trust and mutual respect, guided to meet your every need.


Our primary concern is our presence next to you from the beginning of the insurance relationship, but also especially at the time of compensation by providing the most appropriate personalized advice.

Trust us to safeguard your interests together!

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Bototsidis Panagiotis


Bototsidis Athanasios

Μποτοτσίδης Θαλής_edited_edited_edited.p

Μποτοτσίδης Θαλής

Κίκιρας Παναγιώτης_edited.png

Kikiras Panagiotis

Ζώης Μιχαήλ_edited_edited.png

Zois Michael

Κούρτης Νικόλαος_edited.png

Kourtis Nikolaos

Gourla Evi (new).png

Gourla Evi

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