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Group Insurances

Group insurance is the best proof of a company's interest in its staff. In addition, nowadays it acquires even greater importance, as its benefits are substantial, they make up for possible deficiencies in the benefits of the Social Agency and they work as a compensation for the reductions in the incomes of the employees. At the same time, group insurance is a tax incentive for business.

Insurance of human resources contributes to the creation of a positive climate, to the strengthening of the ties between the company and the staff, while at the same time relieving the employees from important problems that concern them and is proven to be a particularly strong incentive to increase employee productivity.

The coverages covered by group insurance are as follows:

- Life insurance

- Accident Insurance

- Total Inability to Work

- Income Protection

- Health, including: Coverage of Primary Care Expenses, Coverage of Secondary Care Expenses, Hospital Care Allowance, Surgery Allowance, Post-Hospital Allowance, Severely Affected Patient, Severely Sick Patient.


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