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Life & Health Insurance


You are given access to all private and public hospitals, in order to best address your health problem, combined with the high quality of care  and benefits. Covered:

1. Expenses for room and food in a pre-selected location. (Single, double or triple).
2. Remuneration of doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and exclusive nurses.
3. Examinations related to the cause of hospitalization.
4. Medicines and materials necessary for hospitalization.
5. Ambulance or emergency air transport for treatment.
6. Intensive care unit (Intensive).
7. Visit to the emergency private clinics.

The final cost of the premium is affected by parameters such as: age, occupation, the position of treatment to be chosen (single, double, etc.) and the participation or not in the costs of treatment  with a predetermined amount or percentage.



Further shield your health with outpatient care programs that cover medical visits and diagnostic tests, through a large network of collaborating diagnostic centers.



Life insurance plans insure the insured against
  extremely unpleasant consequences for the quality of life of himself and his family that can result from unforeseen events that threaten to leave them financially exposed, as a result of which they have to radically change their way of life.
With a life insurance plan, the insured's financial obligations (such as loans) will continue to be covered in the event of loss of life or incapacity for work, without affecting the family's standard of living.


Accidents are an unpleasant but daily reality. Deal with the potential consequences of an accident for your health, but also for your income, by choosing
  a package of coverages  either through a life / health insurance policy or in an independent contract, with extremely low costs and coverages such as:

- Loss of Life from an Accident
- Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident
- Accident Income Insurance
- Hospital and Surgical allowance
- Covering the cost of Health Transport
- Medical visits to your own doctor
- Diagnostic tests such as x-rays, etc.
- Purchase or rent of supporting materials such as splints, crutches, etc.
- Required Medications
- Physiotherapy for rehabilitation


Contact us to choose a program of high quality services, depending on the cost, in order to fully meet your needs.

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