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Liability insurance policies are addressed to freelancers and companies that in the course of their professional activity have obligations and responsibilities towards employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and even the environment and must (whether by law or not) be covered by insurance. .

Liability coverage includes:

-  Professional liability :

Coverage of any compensation of your client from the exercise of your professional activity.


Indicative programs:

   Executive Liability Insurance

   Professional Civil Liability of Doctors

   Professional Civil Liability of Technicians

   Professional Civil Liability of Pharmacists

   Professional Civil Liability of Lawyers

   Professional Civil Liability of Civil Engineers / Architects

   Professional Liability Tour Operators

   Professional Civil Liability of Accountants

   Professional Civil Liability of Private Vehicle Technical Inspection Centers (I.K.T.E.O.)


- General liability:

Coverage of damages that may be caused to third parties by the operation of your business during their stay in it. Indicative programs:

   Civil Liability of Tourist Units

   Civil Liability of Schools - Tutoring

   Liability of Gyms - Sports Centers

   Civil Liability of Restaurants - Cafes

   Civil Liability of Hairdressers - Aesthetic Institutes

   Civil Liability of Cinemas - Theaters

   Commercial Liability of Commercial Stores

   Car Liability Civil Liability


- Employer Liability Insurance

Coverage for the civil liability that you have as an employer and your representatives, for accidents at work, to employees or workers, who are employed in your company.

- Product Liability Insurance

Coverage if you are a manufacturer, importer or trader for damages that you will have to pay to third parties for personal injury and / or property damage caused by the use of a defective product.


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