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Home Insurance

Protect your home and everything that has emotional value for you, by choosing one of the flexible coverage programs and secure everything you have acquired with difficulty, from being exposed to serious dangers such as fire, theft, natural phenomena, earthquake.

Choose to insure the building and / or the contents of your home, whether you are an owner or a tenant, through a number of coverages, such as:

- Earthquake                                                   

- Fire

- Short circuit

- Terrorist actions

- Malicious damage

- Civil unrest

- Weather phenomenon

- Mortgage coverage

- Theft damages etc.


These programs are specially designed for homes that have been borrowed from a credit institution and include all the necessary coverage such as:

- Wide explosion

Aircraft crash

- Fire

- Earthquake

- Lightning strike


Combine your home or health insurance with your car insurance, enjoying significant discounts.

Contact us to choose a program of high quality services, depending on the cost, in order to fully meet your needs.

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